Monday, August 17, 2009

Athan Presents The Symi Podcast #9 - Progressive Mix

This month, The Symi Podcast is a guest mix by the Athenian Dj Athan. I met Athan in May when he came to visit Symi. We talked about music and I mentioned I produced The Symi Podcast. Athan got his first Technics 1210s at the age of 15, and has been hooked on dance music and mixing ever since. DJing in several bars and clubs back home, I mentioned it would be great to feature one of his mixes for the podcast. He agreed, and so this months mix is a personal collection from him.

Athan has mixed some of his favourite new white labels for this podcast featuring tracks from Jozef Mihalik and Babak Shayan. This is not the last we'll be seeing of Athan. Thank you to him for a great mix. Passionate about Symi, passionate about his music maybe one day he'll play here in one of the clubs or bars.


1. Chinese Laundry (Sonny Wharton Remix) - Terry Grant
2. Waterfall (Den Rize Summer Breeze Mix)- Martin Everson & B Prime
3. Snake In The Grass - Babak Shayan feat. Strict Border
4. Famous When Dead (Milan Lieskovsky Remix) - Jozef Mihalik
5. We Are The Drink'N'Dial People (Norby's Mashup) - Empire Of The Sun Vs. Norman Doray & Albin Myers
6. Famous When Dead (Redanka Remix.) - Jozef Mihalik
7. Breaking All The Rules (D.O.N.S Remix) - Marco Petralia ft. Taleen Marie
8. Seasons - Babak Shayan
9. Without You - Babak Shayan feat. Alex Flatner
10. Day N' Night (Antonio Fernandez Get Down Edit) - Kid Cudi

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