Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Symi Podcast - Something Different

Tom Fairnie lives with his wife in Edinburgh, Scotland. He's a folk singer/songwriter, and as well as performing solo, is also part of 'The Travelling Waverlies', who perform a mixture of poetry and song and who released their first cd 'Speaking In Tongues' to very good reviews. Apart from music, Tom also has a passion for Symi. So much so that he and his wife wrote a song called 'The Harbour At Symi', which he released on a mini album of the same name.

If you'd like to find out more about Tom, there is a link below. There are also links to purchasing or listening to some of his music, including 'The Harbour of Symi'. You can do so through his personal web site, or ITunes. Happy listening!

Tom Fairnie webpage:
Tom Fairnie via ITunes:
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Symi Podcast - Growing Popularity....and more links!

The Symi Podcast has become as popular as ever since the last guest mix by Beanie G! Other Dj's have stepped forward offering mixes, so we'll see what happens over the coming months! A big thank you for all your emails and private messages via Facebook. The Facebook Group incidentally has gown by a few more members, and more noticeably the European boss of a international clothing/leisure company has subscribed to the podcast, and sent very nice comments. Thank you also for all your suggestions. I will do my best! Also, one of the Symi beaches have requested the podcasts to play here, and have even made a request for a unique podcast mix. The feed stats are showing downloads from all over the world! Nice to know music can bring so many people together.

Not all of you use ITunes, and have requested other ways of downloading the podcast, or listening online. I've provided some more alternative routes to listening to the podcast below, as well as the normal link to ITunes. Next podcast is in production, and as ever will be different again!

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Beanie G Presents The Symi Podcast #8 - Beats & Breaks

This month, The Symi Podcast is a guest mix by the UK's up and coming Beanie G. Playing a personal collection of some of last years biggest bass lines! Many thanks to Beanie, as we think it's one of the best Symi Podcasts yet!If you like your beats and breaks, this one is for you.

Don't forget, The Symi Podcast is an enhanced podcast. What do this mean? Well, all tracks have links to the artists, where you can learn more, and hear more! Each track is also accompanied by pictures relating to each artist.


1. Cheap Intro - Zero T
2. Go 4 Yours (Feat Icicle & Steo) - Zero T
3. Dreams Come True - Bachelors Of Science feat. Saburuko
4. Danger Zone - Atlantic Connection
5. Streetlife (Feat. Takura) - Chase And Status
6. No Words - Logistics
7. Big Lights, Big City - Mutt
8. Hurt You - Chase And Status
9. As Long As It Takes - Seba
10. This Dark Matter - London Elektricity
11. Tan Stripes (Original Mix) - Syncopix
12. The Ice Dance - Bachelors Of Science
13. la Cinta - Utah Jazz
14. Depth Charge - Atlantic Connection

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